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Spirits of the Sun

A novel about love, murder, and a struggle for survival

This is a story unlike any other… a story from thousands of years ago. It is a story of ‘love’ struggling to survive amid the harsh primal urges of our tribal humanity.

Available to preview in ebook, paperback, or hardcover for six months only

(The preview period February to July 2022 has now finished)

What would you do for love?

A girl is walking alone along a beach. This is Melati, a young Malay girl, who is wanted as a bride by the old chief of a Java tribe.

She strolls along the beach on her own, her hair loose and blowing in the light breeze. Melati is growing up and yearns to be free – but she is also in danger of attracting attention…

Melati, a young Malay girl, is wanted as a bride by the old chief of a powerful Java tribe. Her Malay tribe reject the marriage proposal and the Java threaten to attack. To escape the Java, the Malay try to build a big boat to sail to another land – but before their boat is ready, a callous murder shatters the fragile peace between the tribes.

Her brother, Bandri, tries to identify the murderer, create trust, and prevent any further violence. But tensions escalate when a relationship develops between a Java girl and another Malay tribesman. Will Melati be forced to marry the Java chief? Can Bandri prevent a tribal war? Can the Malay tribe survive – or will they all be slaughtered?

Spirits of the Sun is based on genuine historical events in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia. It is both a dramatic exploration of our primal human nature and a realistic adventure into our natural world.